CIRCA: June 1981, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA.   The early IHS (International Herpetological Symposium) meetings were the only annual conferences for breeders and budding herpetoculturists at the time.   People wanting the most current information on what was being bred, how those successes were accomplished, etc. flocked to attend as the meeting sites skipped around the U.S. each year.   Dedicated herpers came from across the globe to share and absorb data from among the hundreds of kindred spirits who gathered to present their papers and slides of what was happening in their far-off corners of the world.  

While lots of great information flowed at the daily sessions, even more often flowed (along with the alcohol) during the informal evening parties and get-togethers.   Such was the case one night in a motel room when these three serious professionals --- true pillars of herpetoculture --- decided to demonstrate their own unique snake sexing techniques on several ball pythons.   Aw, looks like three males; no potential breeding colony here!   (Make sure you let this image load all the way to the bottom.)

LEFT TO RIGHT:   Stan Chiras, Tom Huff, and Tom Crutchfield.   Photo by Bill Love.