It's been fun recording these pics of our friends and acquaintances over the years as herpetoculture has evolved.   Most of those folks have been instrumental in that evolution, or at least have been involved in a serious way that also advanced our own personal knowledge.   We think this is a great way of saving and sharing some of these images in a place where others can enjoy them too.   After all, they're not doing anyone any good stored in our vinyl slide pages at home.   It's important for others coming up the ranks to know who was responsible for paving the path they now follow.

Because, when possible, we tried to use older shots to give this gallery an 'historic' flair, and make it interesting too by using those "One picture tells a thousand words" kinds of shots, it might somehow be construed that we're poking fun at some of these people.   THIS  IS  ABSOLUTELY  NOT  THE CASE !    We feel that displaying folks here is a form of tribute, and have only the utmost respect for everyone portrayed.  

In case you're still not convinced, here is a glamour shot of us - Kathy & Bill Love - circa December 1984, after Hollywood make-up artist Tom Savini created our good looks when George Romero's zombie flick Day Of The Dead was partially filmed in Ft. Myers, Florida.   We appeared as extras, Kathy in a crowd scene and Bill walking out of a bank over a huge alligator in the opening five minutes of the movie.