CIRCA: January 1986, Fort Myers, Florida, USA.   Analogous to a big Burmese python engulfing a struggling deer, herp dealers did their own share of trying to absorb each other's businesses as competition raged.   In the mid eighties, two well-known international dealers ended up with the same initial word as their company surnames of 'Herpetofauna', (Herpetofauna International  in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area &.Herpetofauna Incorporated in Ft. Myers, Florida).   Both issued monthly pricelists, imported / exported huge numbers of specimens, and conducted business under a constantly shifting love-hate relationship.   

On that herpeto-commercially historic day, the owner of "Herpetofauna South" had negotiated a buyout of the owner of "Herpetofauna North's" remaining animal stock, and was accepting delivery at his shop.   Only one last thing remained before the absorption was complete: the signing of the "surrender papers"!   The event wasn't exactly as significant as Lee and Grant at Appomattox, and it wasn't really as coerced as implied in this cheerful shot, but it seemed like a memorable occasion for a picture none-the-less.   

LEFT TO RIGHT AT TOP:   That's Chris McQuade toting the gun, and Tom Crutchfield with the knife to Hank Molt's neck.   Photo by Bill Love (wielding the assegai spear).