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Name   That   Herper  

This is a long collage of 34 people who have influenced the herp industry in Florida.   Many are / were dealers of live animals.   Some were field collectors.   Some bred herps.   Some were primarily exhibitors / educators.   All made a living, either full or part-time, working with reptiles in our home state.   Many put out pricelists at times, but remained faceless to most of the people doing business with them.   Most contributed directly or indirectly to the rich assortment of species available to us all today.  

A few have already passed on to that big vivarium in the sky, but most are still active in their trade(s).   Many are remembered fondly by their colleagues.   They were all friends / acquaintances of ours over the years who we feel privileged to have known and dealt with, and to have recorded their images here for posterity.

Here's your chance to finally link the names to the faces in our newest "quiz".   We've purposely chosen to use the oldest good photo we had, just because it's fun to look back nostalgically at folks when they were thinner, less grey, less bald, and less wrinkled.

Here is a list of possible answer choices, including names of a few people we would have liked to have featured, but who are not pictured here.   Their omission here is by no means a slight ;  we simply didn't have their picture to post.  

              Ross Allen - Chris McQuade - Joe Fauci - Ralph Curtis - Ray Singleton- Mark Lucas - Bill (Charles) Chase - Sheffield Edwards - Louis Porras - Bob Roth - Doug Foster - Steve Hill - Rob MacInnes - Bill Haast - Bill Thacker - Joe Wasilewski - Carl May - Dennie Sebolt - Mike Ellard - Ed Chapman - Bob Sands - Tony Picheo - Art Meyer - Kathy Love - Ray Van Nostrand - Clive Longden - Attila Beke - Kevin Enge - Bill Love - George Van Horn - L.E. Thompson - Aurora Castellanos - Eugene Bessette - Art Bass - Scott Hearsey - Tom Crutchfield - Ron DuPont - John Rindfleish - Joe Beraducci 

The answers are below this collage.




ANSWERS.  The person's name is followed by the year the photo was taken, his / her best-known business(es) or company association(s), and the city(ies) in which they were or are still based in Florida:



1>  Rob MacInnes (1989) - Pet Farm, Miami; Glades Herp, Inc., Ft. Myers;  2>  Ed Chapman (1983) - Miami;  3>  L. E. Thompson (1975) - Thompson's Wild Animal Farm, Clewiston;  4>  Bill Chase (1979), Miami;  5>  Art Bass (1985), South Florida;  6>  Ray Van Nostrand (1979) - Pet Farm, Miami; Strictly Reptiles, Hollywood;  7>  Bob Roth (1977) - Animals of Distinction, Ft. Pierce;  8>  Ralph Curtis (1989) - Wild Cargo, Hollywood; Zoo Book Service / Ralph Curtis Publishing, Sanibel;  9>  Chris McQuade (1981) - Herpetofauna, Inc.; Gulf Coast Reptiles, Ft. Myers;  10>  Kathy Love (1979) - Glades Herp, Inc., Ft. Myers; CornUtopia, Alva;  11>  Louis Porras (& wife Diane) (1979) - The Shed, Miami; Canyonlands Publishing, Utah;  12>  Tom Crutchfield (1978) - Herpetofauna Inc., Ft. Myers; Tom Crutchfield's Reptile Enterprises, Bushnell;  13>  Clive Longden (1977) - North Florida Zoological Supply, Tallahassee;  14>  George Van Horn (1978) - Reptile World Serpentarium, St. Cloud;  15>  Joe Fauci (1980) - Southeast Reptile Exchange, Tampa;  16>  Bill Haast (& assistant)(1984) - Miami Serpentarium, Miami; Miami Serpentarium Labs, Punta Gorda;  17>  Carl May (1979) - West Palm Beach;  18>  Tony Picheo (& wife Carol)(1979) - Anthony Picheo's Reptile Gardens, Pensacola;  19>  Dennie Sebolt (1981) - Snake-A-Torium, Panama City Beach;  20>  Joe Beraducci (1980-ish) - The Shed & Zoological Imports, Miami;  21>  Mike Ellard (1989) - Burgundy Reptile Traders, Estero;  22>  E. Ross Allen (1979) - Ross Allen's reptile Institute, Silver Springs (Ocala);  23>  Ron DuPont (1989) - The Reptile Store, The Palm Beaches;  24>  Kevin Enge (1988) - Hogtown Herps, Gainesville;  25>  Doug Foster (1988) - Hogtown Herps, Gainesville;  26>  Bob Sands (1989) - Robert's Serpents, Riverview;  27>  Scott Hearsey (1979) - Pet Farm, Miami; Hogtown Herps, Gainesville; 28>  Mark Lucas (1987) - Zoological Imports, Miami; Mark M. Lucas, Coral Springs;  29>  Joe Wasilewski (1987) - Natural Selections, Miami;  30>  Bill Love (1976) - Glades Herp, Inc., Ft. Myers; Blue Chameleon Ventures, Alva;  31>  Steve Hill (1975) - Vero Beach, Royal Palm Beach;  32>  Art Meyer (1984) - Tallahassee;  33>  Sheffield Edwards (1976) - South Bay;  34>  Eugene Bessette (1988) - Ophiological Services, Gainesville.

If YOU have a reasonably good picture of anyone who should be featured here, and would like to get a copy to us, we'll certainly consider adding it to this collage in the future.