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Adult  Corn   Snake  Colony 

 You  can also browse through more of my adult breeders on the American Cornsnake Registry (click this paragraph), which will give you some ideas of what they will look like as adults. 

Many varieties I produce, and their prices, are highly variable.  The higher- and lower-priced animals will come from the same excellent breeding stock, but the higher-priced specimens are expected to come closer to the ideals pictured on my website.  These prices are for each animal except as noted.  Once I photograph individuals, the prices change to the ones posted above next to their links.  These prices are superceded by the prices on individual corns currently for sale with individual photos.

PLEASE NOTE:  These adults are not for sale.   They are examples of what the babies may look like as adults.  The prices below are for the babies I expect to produce next season.  

CORN   SNAKES    Elaphe  guttata  [= Pantherophis guttatus]

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   OKEETEE  PHASE  CORN  SNAKES    This is my “Flagship Corn” variety – one that I’ve specialized in for over 17 years.  My colony is originally derived from stock from Jasper County, South Carolina and the immediate vicinity.   I have been selectively breeding them for many generations to work away from the longitudinal striping and overall “dirty wash” (dark overshadowing pigmentation) that’s common to most wild-caught specimens from that renowned region popularized by Carl Kauffeld’s books.   They have bright red dorsal blotches, separated from the orange to russet ground color by bold black outlines.   The high-contrast black and white ventral checker-boarding is very distinct.   Considered by many to be the “King of Corns”, they grow up to become the biggest and most impressive race I breed, and remain our personal favorites.   If you’re looking for a truly spectacular corn snake, with all the attributes of what makes corn snakes so naturally beautiful, these are for you !    70.00 - 100.00 per pair    Single males $35.00 -- $50.00 each; single females $45.00 - $60.00 each.

***  "CLASSIC " CORN SNAKES     These are essentially the same as the above-described Okeetee corns, including having the heavy influence of Okeetee bloodlines.   The only difference is that I also have crossed in other non-Okeetee corns (such as bloodreds & my beautiful 'Naples' line) when they displayed some particularly attractive trait that I thought might enhance the overall classically gorgeous look of 'normal' corns.   I make this almost non-existent distinction because some people still ask for pure Okeetees traceable back to animals from southern South Carolina.   I price them the same as Okeetees; the price variation is based on the looks and expected adult beauty of individuals.  Sometimes these end up looking even prettier than my 'pure' Okeetee bloodlines   70.00 - 100.00 per pair     Single males $35.00 -- $50.00 each; single females $45.00 - $60.00 each.

   MIAMI  PHASE  CORN SNAKES    Adults have orange/red blotches on a silvery-gray background as typifies most animals from Miami (Dade County), Florida.  I have concentrated on achieving this ideal look, occasionally using animals from other breeders and from areas outside Dade County too.  Some occasional bonuses have popped out in the form of lavenders, amels (from the candycane project), and an anery now and then.  They tend to run a little smaller than many races of corns, including as hatchlings, and often maintain a more slender profile.  Some babies may be carrying amelanism and / or lavender.  75.00 per pair     Single males $35.00 each; single females $45.00 each.

>>>>>>>>>>> Crimson  Corn  Snakes   This beautiful phase combines Miami and hypo A to produce a brightly colored snake that usually feeds well makes a great pet.  One distant ancestor in this bloodline was an emory rat, so occasionally some extra bright yellow colors show through even now.  Only a few will be available this year.   95.00 per pair     Single males $45.00 each; single females $55.00 each.

Normal corn collage, 4 pics.jpg (158183 bytes)   NORMAL  CORN  SNAKES    
These will make great, inexpensive pets!   Most will hatch as “byproducts” of other projects intended to create and refine various new color and/or pattern phases.  All will look normal and make hardy captives, and they will probably (but not absolutely) be gene-carriers for assorted other color/pattern anomalies.  I can't predict if any particular specimen(s) will resemble certain examples of "normals" in the collage at left.    65.00 per pair     Single males $29.00 each; single females $39.00 each.

AMELANISTIC  CORN  SNAKES   These will be byproducts of other projects that didn't fit the description of a special variation.  They will be beautiful and hardy.   65.00 per pair     Single males $29.00 each; single females $39.00 each.

   SUNGLOW  ALBINO  CORN  SNAKES     This special strain matures with clean, solid red blotches on a smooth, orange ground color without markings of any other color to distract from its rich beauty, making this an exquisitely brilliant and spectacular corn.   I've worked on refining this strain's radiant glowing beauty and lack of white flecks for many generations, and can assure that the high-end ones will closely resemble this picture when they mature.  Many have been infused with genes from the bloodred line, as evidenced by their deep red blotches.   70.00 - 100.00 per pair     Single males $35.00 -- $50.00 each; single females $45.00 - $60.00 each.

   ALBINO  OKEETEE  CORN  SNAKES    The deep red dorsal blotches are outlined in white instead of the usual black rings.   The ground color tends toward a yellow /orange, which provides a strong contrast to the blotches.   These are bred to look like the amelanistic 'reverse' of an Okeetee corn, but are not necessarily derived from Okeetee heritage bloodlines.  The blotch versus ground color contrast will be very similar on all babies when they mature; price is determined solely by the width of the white rings around the blotches, which is what has earned them their name.    70.00 - 100.00 per pair     Single males $35.00 -- $50.00 each; single females $45.00 - $60.00 each.

   CREAMSICLE  CORN  SNAKES     A beautiful peachy orange to yellow (almost caramel or butterscotch-colored) amelanistic strain created by crossing corns with Great Plains rat snake E.g. emoryi bloodlines.  The large hatchlings are very hardy, and are among my most popular strains.    95.00 - 125.00 per pair     Single males $35.00 -- $40.00 each; single females $55.00 - $65.00 each.                                        

   CANDYCANE  CORN  SNAKES    Bold red or orange blotches stand out against a white background, in effect creating a highly contrasting alternating candycane pattern.  My ongoing effort is to get consistently deep red or orange blotches on the cleanest white as possible.  These were created from several generations of selectively breeding Miami phase and creamsicles to get the proper effect.  I produce the fewest of this strain each season, and sell-out on them among the first of my corn snake varieties.  The project produces a few snows each year, which tend to exhibit somewhat distinctively shaped blotches and a certain 'look' to them.  If available, these snows are priced at $55 each.  

'Regular' candycanes, produced from some of the same parents, but that will probably show light pink or peach background, and/or white intrusion in the red or orange blotches, (your choice, subject to availability) will be 95.00 per pair     Single males $45.00 each; single females $55.00 each. 

The 'best', sporting the whitest backgrounds with the most solidly colored red or orange blotch colors (subject to availability) will be  150.00 per pair     Single males $65.00 each; single females $85.00 each. 

   BLACK  ALBINO  CORN  SNAKES  (Type "A" Anerythristics)    Silvery-gray to black blotches over a pale ground color with yellow on chin and neck; no red pigment at all.   They are descended from wild-caught stock collected in the "Immokalee Triangle"  of lower southwestern Florida.    65.00 per pair     Single males $29.00 each; single females $39.00 each.

   CHARCOAL  CORN  SNAKES   (Type "B" Anerythristics)    Each season I have a few of these hatch and become available.   This strain of black albino corn is far less common, and is one “ingredient” of making blizzard corns.   They are almost totally axanthic, meaning they lack even the residual yellow pigment on their throats that’s typical in type A anerythristic specimens   99.00 per pair     Single males $45.00 each; single females $59.00 each.

Lavender corn.jpg (43935 bytes)   LAVENDER  CORN  SNAKES    These are a new kind of variant that resembles anerythrism, but often has a more purplish tone, especially as an adult.   Only a handful will hatch this season.  They'll be 150.00 per pair     Single males $65.00 each; single females $85.00 each.  .   I should also have some normally colored babies triple het. for lavender and snow, and some others  het for lavender and motley stripe, or possibly other combos.  All het types for 95.00 per pair     Single males $35.00 each; single females $75.00 each.    

Please send all PayPal payments to kathy@cornutopia.com, although your PayPal receipt will note that you have sent a payment to my official name of Blue Chameleon Ventures.

Snow corn 1 Feb. 03.jpg (146938 bytes)     SNOW  CORN  SNAKES    Adults are always stunning show specimens no matter which tone their blotches develop!   These original 'snow white' corn snakes are tame, hardy and impressive!   Baby snows look identical, no matter whether they eventually develop tinges of pink, yellow, clear, or even greenish to their dorsal blotches.  I can 'guess' based on their parentage alone, but I can't guarantee any babies to turn out a certain shade as adults.    65.00 per pair     Single males $29.00 each; single females $39.00 each. 

Butter corn.jpg (63747 bytes)   BUTTER  CORN  SNAKES    This is a new way of achieving intensity in the yellow without using E. g. emoryi bloodlines.  They basically resemble what one imagines hyperxanthic snow corns should look like --- strong and pleasing yellow emerges in specimens as they reach maturity.   In reality, it's actually a combination of amelanism and 'caramel', instead of being amelanistic and type A anerythristic at the same time.  I'll have only a very few this season.   150.00 per pair     Single males $65.00 each; single females $85.00 each.

        *  I'll also have caramel corns het. for butter and amber; they'll be 95.00 per pair    Single males $35.00 each; single females $75.00 each.

   BLIZZARD  CORN  SNAKES     Just like in a blizzard, all you see is white!   I’ve finally bred out virtually ALL pigment; blotches can barely be counted, even under a strong light!   This morph actually exhibits amelanism and charcoal (type B anerythrism) in the same animal.     130.00 per pair     Single males $65.00 each; single females $79.00 each. 

   ROSY  (HYPOMELANISTIC) CORN  SNAKES    These brilliantly colored corns have almost no black, which allows their true underlying brilliance to show through.   They’re the ideal “rosy rat” substitute, and even  prettier!    This genetically recessive trait breeds true.   I formerly called this trait hypomelanistic, or just `hypo’, on older lists and articles.    95.00 per pair    Single males $35.00 each; single females $75.00 each.  

Ghost corn - typical .jpg (121337 bytes)      GHOST  CORN  SNAKES    An unusual, ghostly pale pinkish-lavender animal that is both a rosy and black albino (type "A") corn at the same time.   There's huge variation in the hues of the ground color existing; the first one is a typical specimen.  The second one pictured is one of my nicest with great pinkish-light purple tones and huge blotches, and is the father of most of this year's babies.  Hatchlings resembling him will be at the high end of the price range.  All ghost corns give you two recessive traits for the price of one !    

Typical Ghosts - 95.00 per pair     Single males $45.00 each; single females $55.00 each.

Special Project Ghosts - 150.00 per pair     Single males $65.00 each; single females $85.00 each.

   ZIGZAG  /  AZTEC  CORN  SNAKES    The dorsal blotches are fused together in a wavy line, sometimes completely connected, down the center of the back.  Some specimens have a more "fractured" pattern of broken lines that fits the new description of the 'Aztec' variation.   Anerythristics, normals, and maybe some amelanistics and snows will be available.   The high end of the price range is for the 'ziggiest'; none are 100% from nape to tail, but I have them up to about 98% fully zigged.    95.00 per pair    Single males $35.00 each; single females $75.00 each.  SOLD OUT

   BLOODRED  CORN  SNAKES    The best adults become almost solid red uni-colored snakes, lacking black ventral blotches and well-defined borders to their dorsal blotches.  The ground color gradually intensifies to nearly match the red blotch color.  They're beautiful at all stages of growth.   

Bolder pattern (normal bloodreds) - 150.00 per pair     Single males $65.00 each; single females $85.00 each.  

Diffused pattern ( more likely to become patternless adults ) 179.00 per pair     Single males $85.00 each; single females $99.00 each.     

                               ALBINO  BLOODREDS     Various shades of red albino that totally lack ventral checks, I refer to the top-of-the-line end individuals of these as "SUNGLOW ALBINO BLOODREDS" due to the intensity of full red coverage.  They will be the most uni-colored albino bloodreds available and will show little or no white in the adult dorsal pattern.   179.00 per pair     Single males $85.00 each; single females $99.00 each. 

                                HYPO  BLOODREDS   I expect to have several clutches of these brilliant beauties this year, and some should surpass all past years' babies in looks.  Combining the best of bloodred while reducing the dirty wash of excess black makes for one gorgeous corn snake!  250.00 - 295.00 per pair     Single males $125.00 -- $145.00 each; single females $145.00 - $165.00 each.                                        

   PEWTER  CORN  SNAKES    Really strange silvery lavender with obscure blotches as adults.  These were created here by crossing charcoal with bloodred to get a very bizarre creature indeed!   Certain individuals grow up with a speckled effect that has earned them the nickname of 'pepper corns'.  299.00 per pair     Single males $150.00 each; single females $175.00 each.  Few expected beyond those already pre-ordered with deposits in 2006; order soon if you want some !  SOLD OUT

   MOTLEY   CORN  SNAKES    In this simple recessive trait, the dorsal blotches tend to fuse into a ladder-like pattern, and occasionally, an irregular or broken stripe.  Ventral checkering and most lateral blotches also disappear.   A highly variable pattern trait that creates interesting things when “cross-pollinated” with striped corns, or mixed into other color variants.   70.00 - 100.00 per pair     Single males $35.00 -- $50.00 each; single females $45.00 - $60.00 each.

   STRIPED  CORN  SNAKES    Thin mid-dorsal stripes run from head to tail.   This trait is an extreme of the motley pattern anomaly and combines with it readily when crossed to animals showing it.   Every gradation of pattern between them can result.  There may be amels, black albinos, and snows in this price range.    99.00 - 115.00 per pair     Single males $49.00 -- $55.00 each; single females $59.00 - $69.00 each.

Emory's rat, juv amel.jpg (153208 bytes)   AMELANISTIC  EMORY  RAT  SNAKES   Elaphe emoryi   Pure Great Plains / Emory's rats featuring a relatively new amelanistic trait that's not compatible with the old (original) amelanistic gene.   Breeding the two traits together will produce all non-amelanistic babies.  If you want really yellow 'corns' that are fat, robust critters, these are for you!   And finally, something that can legally be sold in Georgia!   199.00 per pair     Single males $99.00 each; single females $125.00 each. 

NORMALS, het. for amelanism - 89.00 per pair     Single males $89.00 each; single females $55.00 each. 

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Corallus hortulanus - A.jpg (100892 bytes)   Corallus hortulanus - B.jpg (139422 bytes)   Corallus hortulanus - C.jpg (81715 bytes)   

AMAZON  TREE  BOAS   Corallus hortulanus   I'm working with a small group of recently imported beauties --- the same species that I used to breed back in the 1980s.  They're known for being nippy, though I've found that slow, gentle handling results in less bites and relatively calm behavior.  Newborns are typically hardy feeders on hopper mice that jump around a lot and draw their attention.  They'll have a price range of $75.00 - 250.00 each depending on their color; yellow and red ones will be priced higher than 'garden phase'.


Ball python - Kathy's first male, 3-06.jpg (114686 bytes)   

BALL  PYTHONS   Python regius  I have been raising a colony of normal female ball pythons for the past couple years.  My first male is an '05 pastel, and I'll also be using amel and piebald males on them this coming season.  Check back for future developments on my foray into the world of ball python breeding. 


NEW (?) COLOR & PATTERN MUTATIONS ON THE HERPETOCULTURAL HORIZON ???    I’m continually trying to create new and interesting variations, so each year it's possible for something really different to emerge.   I usually keep it myself to start new colubrid snake dynasties if it's a one-of-a-kind beauty, but I’m known for sharing my successes.  Call to discuss if you're into "new frontier" projects, especially if you have something of a similar nature to "share back at me in return".  

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