FREE - Downloadable  Corn Snake  Sexing  Videos

 Learn how to sex your own snakes by probing or popping.

 Everyone who ever hopes to breed snakes MUST learn how to sex them.  It's easy to learn the basics, then it takes practice to become really proficient at it.  Click HERE for my written explanation sheet on how to use probes, which will help you understand the two short 'How To' video clips below.  Then click below to view either the .wmv video files (for PCs, 2-3 MB files {short downloads} each), or the .mov video files (for MACs, HUGE 27-30 MB files {long downloads} each):


 PROBING  (.wmv file)

 POPPING  (.wmv file)

 PROBING  (.mov file)

 POPPING  (.mov file)

* Note that the popping technique is only practical on baby or very small corn snakes.

We thank videographer Paul Michaels  for taking and editing this footage for us, 

and web guru Terry McGleish  for help prepping it for web use.  



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