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Blue Chameleon Ventures --- My husband, Bill, has a separate website devoted to his special branches of herping --- eco-touring in Madagascar, photography, and lecturing. --- Support the new watchdog group that is out to neuter every herpers' arch enemy, the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States).

Comparison of Tube-feeding Two Liquid Diets to Feeding Frozen-Thawed Mouse Pinks in Hatchlings

Feeding Experiment - Adding Fat and/or Calcium to Pinks

Feeding Experiment - Pinky Skin Cutting

Herp Lighting Explanation --- Watch this excellent short video by Exo-Terra about light and how it's important to captive herps.

Healthy --- Buy your crickets, mealworms, and other feeders and supplies here.  And read my short article on bearded dragons while you are there! --- My friend Marc Cantos has launched his new website as the ultimate source of turtles and tortoises. --- My friend Chris Lechowicz has a comprehensive site devoted to the map turtles (genus Graptemys) of the U.S.

Glades Herp, Inc. --- Your best source for a huge selection of herp species (besides corn snakes) for sale and trade.   PLEASE, call them today for non-corn snake herps at:  (352) 568 - 1713.

Calusa Herpetological Society --- My local herp club in the Ft. Myers, Florida region of Southwest Florida has a fine and growing site with details of our group's upcoming activities, classified ads, members' bios, lots of pics of past events, etc.

International Herpetological Symposium --- This is the annual meeting that helped launch the art of herpetoculture in the U.S.!  Bill & I have supported it for well over two decades.  The 28th meeting is August 10 - 13, 2004 in Daytona Beach, Florida, the several days just before the National Reptile Breeders' Expo.  This year's Herp Photography Contest at it will be the biggest ever!

Sunshine Serpents --- Daniel Parker is a good friend who specializes in breeding locality rats, kings, milks and corns that many other folks don't work with.

Corn Snakes - Pictures & Facts --- A great overview of the natural history and keeping corns in captivity, this site complements my care sheet (posted on my site).  If you are a new or prospective corn snake keeper, be sure to check this out.

Humboldt Herps --- Great site to check out if you live in, or are planning a trip to, northern California.  Lots of info about local herps and photos to help ID them.

Sunset Corns --- Check out this site if you live in South Africa.  Some of my babies now reside with this sub-equatorian breeder, and will undoubtedly be producing offspring of their own soon.

The Source --- Caroline Piquette's new cornsnake forum already offers lots of morph photos, interesting husbandry and breeding discussions, and promises a lot more to come!

Kornnatterzucht --- Benjamin Däschle's website is in German and is worth checking out.

Basic Overview of Shipping Reptiles --- Clay Davenport has a handy reference subsite that answers many of the questions I often hear about this perplexing subject.

Clay Davenport Captive Bred Reptiles --- Check out this site if you need info on cage building, wiring Flexwatt heat tape, designing herp rooms, and especially about animal rights groups (click to read parts A and B) and how they're trying to destroy our hobby.

Grapefruit Seed Extract site --- All about the exciting possibilities of using this product for human health, and the possibilities it also holds for corn snakes with digestive disorders.  ---  Chuck Pritzel's exhaustively info-packed site is loaded with a complete genetics tutorial, terminology, Punnett squares, etc. to explain a lot about corn snake breeding.

Joe Pociask Pythons --- Simple recessive snake genetics explained simply (applicable to corn snakes too).

Bowling's Genetics Line Breeding / Inbreeding Page --- Inbreeding and line breeding - what is the difference, is it good or bad, and why?  Check out this page and find out.

Corn Snake Progeny Predictor --- Mick Spencer offers a downloadable program for giving you the expected results from most crosses of the various corn morphs available.

Marcel Poots' New Cornsnake Genetics Predictor --- Try this new program to predict your crosses.

   A simple way to predict basic corn snake genetics online.

La Vibora --- Jim Campbell is an old pal of Bill & I; he now lives down in the southern tip of Texas.  He specializes in breeding venomous snakes, especially tree vipers, ESPECIALLY gorgeous morphs of eyelash vipers.  He's also quite the photographer!

The World of Atheris --- Michael Jacobi is into this genus of the African bush vipers in a major way, with up-to-date data on all species.

Ripa Ecologica --- Dean Ripa's elegant new website about bushmasters and other vipers.  Especially noteworthy and recommended for reading by all herpers is his in-depth article "Degenerated Science", readable in full at his site.

Reptiles Magazine --- The world's best monthly herp periodical.   Select 'reptiles on-line' when you reach their site.  

The Venomous Snakes of Florida, and Snakebite First Aid --- My old buddy Greg Longhurst has a very informative section on a fishing-oriented site that's definitely worth a read.

Sacha Korell's Natural Elaphe Collection --- A serious, non-commercial hobbyist into some less-common rat snakes of the world.

Frogs & Toads in Color & Sound --- Lang Elliott has posted a dozen nice pics of eastern U.S. anuran species, and the recorded calls to match each one.

The Garter Snake Page --- Alan Francis has dedicated his herpetocultural efforts to garter snakes (genus Thamnophis).

Snakes of Louisiana --- Mike Monlezun and K.J. Lodrique Jr. present a fact-filled and well-written site about Louisiana serpents.  

HERPO --- John Hollister's got a cool site with a variety of herp subjects, including my favorite, a pictorial tour of herping the Trans-Pecos area of West Texas.  This is his self-described labor of love, including a bunch of his right-on-the-money opinions, and is worth a close and leisurely perusal.

Lost World Reptiles --- Gino & Ellen Sassani's site dedicated to their colubrid breeding projects in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

Herp Vet Connection --- This site will help you locate a veterinarian with herp experience near you within the United States.

RodentPro --- Kevin Bryant's RodentPro is my source of frozen feeder rodents to supplement what I breed.  His product quality is extremely high, + rodents are neatly packaged and sorted in sizes I find useful.  I've also found him to be ultra reliable - he ships when he says he will, and his quantity prices are great!

Fred Parker Photography's Ultimate Exposure Meter --- A guide for nature photographers - the basics of how light affects pictures and is controlled by a camera (and you), broken down so you can really understand and use it.  

Bayou Reptiles --- Nice variety of colubrids by a colleague in bayou country; the site is still under construction.

The Corn Snakes Site  ---  Pics and general info on corn snakes. --- This is a super informative and ultra up-to-date gathering place for all herpers and herp-oriented websites.   It also has the busiest chats and forums on all subjects involving herps. --- One of the best corn snake forums for questions, answers, and serious debates is hosted here.

Wildlife Journal --- Andrew Hoffman has a website devoted to his herping adventures, largely Indiana-oriented, but also branching out as his travels increase and photography gets honed.

International  Links

Gutt Folie --- Nathalie Fradet visited me and helped me in 2002 and again in 2008, plus she has been to Madagascar photographing herps with my husband, Bill.  She may have been the first in France to launch a website devoted mainly to corn snakes.  Her site's French title translates roughly to "Guttata Madness", or "Crazy For Corn Snakes", and we consider her the 'Corn Snake Queen of France'.

Christophe Mauvieres --- Veterinarian and herper Christophe Mauvieres visited me during June - July 2006 and again in 2007 helped me care for a zillion baby corns for almost a month; his website is a travelogue of the trip.   He was a great help to me, and a very competent herpetoculturist and photographer!  If you need a vet in France, contact him!

Extreme Snakes --- My former summer 'intern' from Canada, Simon Fung, now has his own website offering many fine snakes.  His colleagues has since taken it over since he moved to China for work.

Korenslang --- Patrick Vansantvoort's combo English / Dutch page on corn snakes, for another European viewpoint.


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