by  Bill  &  Kathy  Love

This is a gallery of herp people we've known and photographed.   It's meant to be semi-historical, but mostly it's  just a stroll down memory lane spanning nearly three decades around herps and herpers!   Come back often to see who's been added to our ever-growing list.   

IMPORTANT  NOTE:    In case someone stumbles upon this section someday, sees themselves featured, and feels that they're opposed to having their image and description posted here, PLEASE contact us immediately, and we'll yank it off the web mucho pronto!   Although some of these pics are of a humorous nature, there is no disrespect intended.   Au contraire, people are featured here as a form of recognition and tribute to their contributions to the history of herping.   Click the last thumbnail at the bottom for more details.


Bechtel, Bern and Bette, 8-94.jpg (308694 bytes)     The 'Godfather' of modern herpetoculture.

Laszlo, Joe.jpg (34372 bytes)    One of the truly big men of herpetoculture.

de Vosjoli, Philippe.jpg (34756 bytes)     The best known  (and most often mispronounced) name in herpetoculture.

Wagner, Ernie, with big Blair's king.jpg (30224 bytes)    A vintage shaker & mover of herpetoculture.

Applegate, Bob.jpg (42383 bytes)     'Grampa' Bob, another shaker & mover of herpetoculture.

Bessette, Eugene.jpg (24816 bytes)     High-tech mega egg production / incubation.

Hamper, Don.jpg (47864 bytes)     Another big man of herpetoculture!

Sipperley, Gary - in herp room.jpg (26492 bytes)     Perfectionism is a tradition for SDRB.

Barker, Dave & Tracy.jpg (35320 bytes)     The husband-wife "dynamic duo" of pythonculture.

Tremper, Ron.jpg (26252 bytes)     A guy with a C.R.A.P.py reputation.

Bell, Kim & Mark, Sept 84.jpg (14376 bytes)     M.B. ( = "Mega Breeder" ??? ) and his better half.

Question box.jpg (2975 bytes)     FLORIDA  HERPERS  "QUIZ"  -   Who are these 30 "vintage herpers" who have all earned a living from herps in some way in the state of Florida ?   NOTE:  This huge collage, may take 2 - 3 minutes to fully download.

Chapman - Suriname import day.jpg (36863 bytes)    Scene from the heyday of herp importation.

Herpetofauna - Herpetofauna.jpg (63202 bytes)    When the south "defeated" the north.

IHS - 3 guys with balls.jpg (31086 bytes)    Three herpers who had balls.

Corn Cartel, 8-02, Daytona.jpg (375696 bytes)     Clandestine meeting of the 'Corn Cartel' ? ? ?  

Love, Kathy & Bill as zombies.jpg (50889 bytes)    Those responsible for this travesty!


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