by  Bill  &  Kathy  Love

'What's this all about ???  It's simply an interesting assortment of pictures and collages illustrating various aspects of husbandry, field collecting, trivia, etc., all, of course,  pertaining to corns and other herps with which I work.  Some are high-resolution images and take longer to load - please be patient.  Many have text below the pics too!

03.02 Okeetee on Indian corn.jpg (762200 bytes)     First off, a tribute to the most beautiful species of a snake in the world, posed among its namesakes.

     An adaptive coloration ploy to ambush Easter bunnies???

03.02 Looming death.jpg (552285 bytes)     " Looming Death".  This photo was inspired by a painting in a book I received as a child...

03.02 Pierce, Codty catching corn on road.jpg (445886 bytes)     "Corn snake!  Dad, stop!"  

03.02 Hypo Bloodred, nat. light 2-pic.jpg (250888 bytes)      Which snake would you buy, and why?   

    Sometimes I literally get buried in my work!    Click for the inside scoop on how this shot was taken.

   "Eleven Up".    I've had many requests for this shot as a poster, but even more of them asking how we managed to make it.    Click for the details.

   The difference between night and day.

   Two heads are better.....

   Collecting Elaphe guttata  in Florida.

Okeetee corns mating.jpg (361690 bytes)     Serpentine sex au naturel, apparently.

Bloodreds - 3 whitehead babies.jpg (58832 bytes)     Three of my baby CB 2003 bloodred corns, all sporting white heads.


   Elaphe guttata rosacea  and its habitat on Key West, Florida

   Elaphe guttata emoryi  and its habitat in western Texas.

   Do corn snakes get poison ivy?

   On the herpetocultural horizon........

   Five  different '50% corns'.   What are the other parental halves of each?

   Collage of snake sexing methods.

   Collage of corn snakes in love.   ( Rated XXX)

   Collage of corn eggs being laid, evaluated, and incubated.

   This little thumbnail ought to be just small enough to arouse your curiosity about what I'm up to in this shot.

Corn swallowing mouse.jpg (475265 bytes)      Down the hatch!

Capron corn painting.jpg (17586 bytes)   This corn is almost too  perfect - looking.   Hmmm..........???

Capron painting for Dr. Bechtel.jpg (615878 bytes)     A tribute presented to a "Godfather of Herpetoculture", Dr. Bern Bechtel, at the All-Florida Herp Conference, April 2003.

   Really cool corn ! 

Snow corn in snow.jpg (182683 bytes)     Snow corn chillin' in its "natural habitat".

cannibal baby.jpg (31646 bytes)     Hoop snake?   Ring rat?   Infinity Corn?   The Last Supper?    $#!T  happens?

PS dark blue corn.jpg (32694 bytes)     See my new 'BLUE  BEAUTY 'corns ,and others, here  first --- place advance orders NOW , only $20,000 each !

03.02 Okeetee - color swatches.jpg (469346 bytes)     What color corn snake would you like?  Pick a color, any color...

T-rex hybrid.jpg (736256 bytes)     Hybridization gone awry?

Rhynchophis boulengeri, juvenile on leaf.jpg (309797 bytes)    This is a juvenile rhino rat snake Rhynchophis boulengeri , a sideline 'fun' project that has so far frustrated my breeding efforts.

Photo studio2.jpg (1718690 bytes)     The home photo studio where some of our photos are taken.

moon phase


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