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These T-shirts below are two of my new specialty designs, available only here.  They're quality 100% cotton, on the colors shown, plus in pale gray for 'Snakes Have Something Extra', and in pale blue for 'Last Great Act...'.  ADULT SIZES available: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, and X-LARGE are $13.95 each; XXL and XXXL sizes are $14.95 each.  Please add $3.00 postage for one shirt and $1.00 for each additional shirt after the first.  (Add 6% sales tax ONLY if you live in Florida).

In case anyone's baffled, that's the hemipenes (normal bi-lobed penis) of a snake pictured.


We purposely made the 'bird' a little hard to see until you're up close.


Strawberries, candycanes, butter, creamsicles, caramels.  Funny how we name so many corn snake morphs for foods we love!


This is my own unique design, available from me only.

<<< This design is available on light blue, turquoise blue, and lavender 100% cotton t-shirts, in children's medium, children's large, small adult, medium adult, large adult, and X-large adult.  $18.50 each, plus same postage rates as above.

XXL adult size is $19.50 each + postage.

PLEASE  list 2nd choices on shirt colors when ordering.


I know you'll love these ECO WEAR designs below that I'm proud to sell.  They are all screen-printed on 100% pre-shrunk cotton T-shirts.  The colors are vivid and last wash after wash.  To order, just email me the names & number of each design you want, add up the postage charges for the number of pieces, and send it to me via PayPalIMPORTANT:  Include your name, full postal address, and telephone number with your PayPal order.



Adult Double Extra Large (XXL)- - -  $ 19.50 each

Add $ 3.85 postage for the first shirt, plus $ 1.00 more for each additional piece in the U.S.  Sent from Chicago.

Designs come on the t-shirt colors shown in the designs below only. 

     Corn Snakes     King Cobra      King Cobra (gray)


    Pythons     Copperhead
    Venom        Ball Pythons     Bushmaster


    Western Diamondback       San Francisco Garter


    Eyelash Viper     Eastern Diamondback     Boas     Russell's Viper
    Alterna Lifestyle


    Pyro-Maniac     Green Tree Python       Ball Python Star     Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake
    Jewels of the Sky Islands


    Don't Tread On Me         Fiji Island Iguana     Red-eyed Tree Frog     Desert Lizards
      Five Chameleons


    Panther Chameleon     Bearded Dragon     Asian Turtles     Turtles
     New Iguana


      Bog Turtles     Leopard Geckos (black)     Leopard Geckos (blue)     Tortoises
    Gator & Croc


    Frogs & Toads     Salamanders     Komodo Dragon      Komodo Dragon (gray)
     Lace Monitor


        Maryland Terrapin     Tarantulas & Scorpions       Red Knee Tarantula       Gila Monster
    Alligator Snapper


    American Toad    Pallid Bat      Wolf Pack  





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Ladies' Tanks & Spaghetti Strings

All ladies' shirts are $ 18.50 each.

Add $ 3.85 for the first shirt, plus $ 1.00 more for each additional piece for Priority Mail postage in the U.S.

Treefrog Ladies Tank Treefrog Ladies Spaghetti Strap     Tarantula Ladies Tank Tarantula Ladies Spaghetti Strap

Tie Dyes 100% cotton, in SMALL - LARGE - XLARGE only.  $12.50 each + postage.  These shirts are comfy to wear, absolutely brilliantly dyed, and even prettier than the pics, honest!  Real attention-getters!

Blue Jerry




Lime Spider




Turquoise Spider


Yellow Crystal


Wild Spider


Pluto Burst


Orange Spider


                   My own "Corns Rule" design - CLICK HERE for a better view of the front and back.


Embroidered Caps

All caps are $ 15.00 each.

 Add $ 3.85 for the first shirt, plus $ 1.00 more for each additional piece for Priority Mail postage in the U.S.

<<<  Horned Toad

Rock  >>> Rattlesnake

<<<  Veiled Chameleon

Chuckwalla >>>

<<<  Grey Banded King

Spotted Turtle  >>>

<<<  Box Turtle

Arizona Mountain King  >>>

<<< Ball Python

Wood Turtle >>>

<<< Leopard Gecko

Green Tree Python >>>

<<< Terrapin

Collared Lizard >>>

<<< Gila Monster

American Toad >>>


<<< Beaded Lizard

Tarantula >>>

<<< Bearded Dragon

Arizona Ridge-nosed Rattler >>>

<<< Blandings Turtle

Bat >>>

<<< Marbled Salamander

Coati Mundi >>>

<<< Elegant Trogan

Lucifer Humming Bird >>>

<<< Peccary    

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