This is our home photo studio in which some of our 'indoor' reptile and amphibian images are made.  On the floor and shelves, we've gathered numerous samples of different soils, rocks,  branches, logs, and other props to use in creating naturalistic sets / backgrounds for pictures.  We also have plain white and colored backgrounds for specialty shots, plus varied lighting equipment to get just the right exposures.  An assortment of handling tools to manipulate animals of all kinds safely is always at hands' reach.  All this, plus a good working knowledge of Photoshop, allows us to create some special images that would otherwise be awkward to control outdoors.  We welcome discussing your specific photographic needs and how we may be able to supply them. 

Many of the area animal collectors and dealers / breeders have been very supportive of letting us to borrow their specimens for photography.  That's Bill with a rhinoceros viper in the upper pic, and him and I working on posing a Wagler's pit viper in the lower shot.