SNOW  CORN  in  its  NATURAL  HABITAT  ? ? ?

This shot was taken on April 7, 2003 in Long Island, New York during a late season snow storm that blew in during my visit to speak to the Long Island Herpetological Society.  Before arriving, Bill and I had hoped to go out with some members of the group to hopefully see wild wood turtles Clemmys insculpta, but instead had a great day visiting herpers and seeing / photographing their collections.  One of the most memorable was Vin Russo, who had about 7" of snow on the ground in his yard by the time we were leaving.  That gave us an idea for a "corny" picture.

Vin very good-naturedly allowed us to goof around and pose one of his snow corns in a snow-covered bonsai tree in his back yard.  We took the shot ultra quickly in those nippy temps - the snake probably sensed only a momentary chill, and was none the worse for wear, I promise!   It blended in remarkably well, wouldn't you say?